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SERVPRO of Grapevine / NE Tarrant Co. outlines six simple steps to flood damage restoration.

10/15/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Grapevine / NE Tarrant Co. outlines six flood restoration tips for homeowners and businesses.

A flooded property can make life a little bit uncomfortable for you. But that is not the time to sit and sulk. You need to act fast to mitigate the damage. Whether the flood was caused by a burst pipe, roof leak, or a terrible storm, don’t delay the restoration process.

SERVPRO® of Grapevine / NE Tarrant Co. is a full-service flood damage restoration/ storm damage restoration company in Grapevine. They have a team of experienced water damage restoration specialists who handle residential and commercial spaces. Their team outlined the following tips for flood damage restoration.

1. Call for help

Although flood damage restoration/ storm damage restoration may seem easy, it involves a lot of work and is best left to an experienced technician. Call a professional water damage restoration company like SERVPRO of Grapevine / NE Tarrant Co. immediately if your property is flooded. They have the requisite equipment and experience to undertake damage of any size.

They’ll take the work off your hands, so you don’t put yourself in harm’s way trying to clean up the flooded space. 

2. Security first

Your security and that of your family or employees should be of the utmost concern in the event of a flood. It’s essential to first get everyone in the house out to safety and wait until help arrives.

If you must enter your flooded property to document the damage, ensure you're wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment before you do so.

Remember that floodwater might carry pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella. Waterproof boots and rubber gloves are the most vital pieces of personal protective equipment you should wear in a flooded property. Turning off the electricity before entering the house is essential to prevent electrocution.

3. Call your insurance provider

If you have property insurance, it's crucial to call your insurance provider to inform them of the water damage and seek their go-ahead before you begin the flood damage restoration/storm damage restoration process.

Ensure to cover everything that’s damaged, as your insurer will send an adjuster in to inspect the damage, and those photos or videos will be your evidence.

4. Remove wet items from the water

The more your belongings, like furniture, appliances, rugs, and others, remain in the flood, the more damage will occur. So, consider getting your affected belongings and those unaffected by the flooded area. Throw away food or any water-damaged item that can’t be salvaged.

5. Clear the standing water

While it’s not advisable, the next step is to clear out any standing water if you want to do the water damage restoration yourself. Depending on the flood level, you’ll need mobs, buckets, rags, sponges, and even a pumping machine.

Ensure you are wearing your safety gear throughout the whole process. Pump out the water or use a bucket or rag to clear it out gradually.

6. Dry and disinfect

Once you’ve successfully removed the standing water, the next step is to start drying your property structures and belongings. Professional flood damage restoration/ storm damage restoration companies use industrial dryers, dehumidifiers, and other equipment to properly dry up flooded properties. 

They’ll also disinfect and sterilize affected areas to prevent mold growth and deodorize your space to improve the smell.

About SERVPRO® of Grapevine / NE Tarrant Co

Do you need help restoring your flooded property? Call the experienced flood damage restoration technicians at SERVPRO® of Grapevine/NE Tarrant Co. They are a professional flood damage restoration/ storm damage restoration company in Grapevine with the equipment and experience to quickly get your property to a habitable state and restore affected belongings.

Contact SERVPRO of Grapevine / NE Tarrant Co. at (817) 595-2506 to request their services.

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