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SERVPRO of Grapevine/NE Tarrant Co. outlines the dangers of DIY water damage restoration

12/14/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO® of Grapevine/NE Tarrant Co. outlines 5 reasons why property owners should leave water damage restoration to professionals.

DIY projects have gained enormous popularity thanks to the abundance of information now readily available online. So, many people are often compelled to take the DIY route when faced with water damage in their homes or businesses. Some think it will save them money, while others do it because it seems easy.

But, while it may seem intriguing, undertaking water damage restoration on your own is the wrong approach and could cost you more in the future.

The restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Grapevine/NE Tarrant Co., a leading water damage restoration company in Watauga, TX, have outlined the following five reasons to avoid DIY water damage restoration.

1. Lack of adequate equipment

Adequate water damage restoration requires several tools, including water pumps, industrial fans, dehumidifiers, moisture detectors, and other tools explicitly created to dry out homes and other structures after water damage.

As a property owner, you most likely don’t have these tools. While you could hire some dryers and dehumidifiers, you may not be able to use them properly without the necessary skills and training.

Certified restoration specialists like those from SERVPRO of Grapevine/NE Tarrant Co. have these technical tools and equipment and use them to remove any standing water and adequately dry up the whole space.

2. Hidden damages

Water damage restoration isn’t a straightforward process since you are dealing with water, and it can enter anywhere. So, there’s a high chance that the water will enter places you may not bother to check. It can build up below the carpet, inside walls, and in other places.

The issues may get worse if you do it yourself and don’t accurately assess the extent of the damage.

Water damage restoration specialists know the areas the water is likely to enter and often use moisture sensors to find and dry hidden moisture.

3. You may not be as thorough

Most property owners find simple DIY projects intriguing since they have complete control over the outcome. But that’s not the case with water damage. Water damage restoration is not only time-consuming but also requires a high level of focus and diligence.

You must continue drying and cleaning until every moisture has been dried up. Improper drying can cause structural damage and mold growth in your attic and other hidden areas.

4. It can cost you more in the long run

Property owners often choose DIY water damage restoration to save money, but it can cost them more. Ineffective water damage restoration will put your property at risk of structural damage over time.

For instance, if a wood board soaks up water and isn’t dried adequately, it can lead to rot, affecting the whole property structure and resulting in a massive repair bill.

5. Water damage restoration can be dangerous

There are several risks involved with water damage restoration, especially flood damage, including electrocution, contaminated water, and structural damage. Although it is uncommon, structural damage is something to be mindful of. Sometimes the intensity of a flood or simply having water inside your property can damage the structure to the point where you are at risk.

Also, floodwater typically contains dangerous bacteria and microbes that, if ingested or touched, can result in serious illnesses.

Get professional water damage restoration in Watauga, TX

The skilled specialists at SERVPRO of Grapevine/NE Tarrant Co. can handle all your water damage needs. They are a leading water damage restoration company with the experience and tools to restore your home or business properly after a water damage incident.

Their team is trained to find hidden water spots and will give the task the time and effort required to ensure your property is properly dry. They are available 24/7 and can come to your place within hours to start the restoration.

Give SERVPRO of Grapevine/NE Tarrant Co. a call at (817) 595-2506 to speak to a water restoration specialist.

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